About me

My name is Abi Moczulski (pronounced mah-CHOW-ski...), & I want to take YOUR photos! My heart for photography grew exponentially in the middle of 2019 and my camera hasn’t left my hand since. My goal is to capture you, not the uncomfy poses or “nice smiling pictures” to put on the fridge, but YOU. Your personality, your heart, your passion. You are important to ME! 


When there’s not a camera in my hand, I’m probably making coffee, or drinking coffee, or thinking about drinking coffee… I love all things Jesus and people & I spend a lot of time with my community of Jesus and people loving people. I got married in May of 2020 (#COVIDBrideLife.) and my husband, Houston, makes me smile the most! We love to ski, play games, and spend time with our community. 


9-5’s aren’t really my thing… (I worked at a bank for 2.5 weeks and resigned immediately. The bank life ain’t for me). So let’s adventure! The desire for connection runs deep in my veins and the greatest way to fill that seems to be standing behind a camera hearing about all things YOU. 


When you’re behind my camera, you’ll probably feel a little silly. You might have to hike a bit or run around. Your shoes will probably get dirty but I can assure you, we will laugh, maybe cry, and have a whole lot of fun together.